Favorite Children's Books

This week is Children's Authors & Illustrations week! So I thought I would share a few of our family's favorite children's books. 


Little Blue Truck
We have flipped through this book so many times, I can recite it with my eyes closed. The great thing about Little Blue Truck is that there are many more including Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, Little Blue Truck Springtime, and Little Blue Truck's Valentine. So just when you have the first memorized, you can switch it up and grab another :).



Cowboy Small
Cowboy Small has a horse named Cactus and the pair go on a little journey. When "Cowboy Small plays his guitar and sings: 'Home...home on the range...", believe it or not its hard to not bust out in song. Best to look up the lyrics beforehand, beause I haven't gotten past "...where the deer and the antelope play...". 



The Napping House
I LOVE The Napping House. I remember it from when I was a kid and the illustrations are just the best. The Napping House is a sure winner, especially when there is no napping or even sleeping happening for you.





You Have to F*cking Eat
Before you start thinking I'm a terrible mom - read the book. Best for newborns when they won't pick up on what you are actually saying and when you need a little giggle yourself. What I found so entertaining is that the rhyming is so good, you'll find it hard not to say the curse words. Enjoy mamas :).
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