Embroidery Tools

1. A Magnetic Pin Holder

This is a game changer. So much easier than a normal pin cushion. All you have to do is drop your pins and BAM they magnetize to the top. Another perk is at the end of the day when there may be pins all over the table, I just turn it upside down and it picks up every single one.

2. Adhesive Fabric Spray

I didn't find out about this until a couple years into embroidering. I was having a hard time hooping a thick towel and could not figure out what to do. One blog suggested to hoop the backing, spray the top with fabric spray, and then put the towel on top. I also use it on other items to make sure that the fabric doesn't have any wrinkles that the machine will catch.

3. Scissors 

These little guys are amazing! My husband actually had them to work on his leather projects and I kept stealing them. They make cutting small pieces of thread with precision 10x easier than regular scissors.

4. Tape Measure

A soft tape measure because I measure every item to make sure the embroidery is in the correct location. These are really long so I just cut them in half.

5. Hoops

There are a bunch of embroidery hoops out there. I mainly use the ones that came with my machine (pictured here), but I also have a Mighty Hoop. Mighty Hoops are magnetic, which can make hooping much faster and much easier for thicker items. 

6. Seam Ripper

These come in handy quite often. These are super helpful when it comes to taking out a mistake. There are also times when the machine gets wonky and thread starts to loop around the bobbin or just gets jumbled up. I've learned that using a seam ripper helps gently remove every piece of thread.

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