5 Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Dad

Father's Day is just around the corner. I've come up with 5 last minute ideas to celebrate Dad for anyone that all of a sudden realized its Father's Day and/or can't come up with a good gift (like me). Happy planning!

1. Get Outside

If Dad likes the outdoors - get outside with the whole clan! Go for a family hike, bike ride, or fishing excursion. Pack a lunch to make it extra special or don't - just being together in the outdoors is a great way to celebrate the day.

2. Drawing

Have your littles draw something for Dad. Even the random scribbles on construction paper (or plain printer paper!) are sure to make Dad smile. If you have tiny ones like me, just write "Happy Father's Day" or "I love you Dad" on the side and guaranteed Dad will want it framed.

3. Give Dad a Break 

We all need a break sometimes - so give Dad a break on Father's Day to show your love. Plan for you and kiddos to be out of the house so he can watch his favorite movie, read a book, or just do whatever float's his boat!

4. Cook a Meal 

Make Dad's favorite meal whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner. He'll be excited he doesn't have cook or think about what to eat! Include your kids in the meal prep so everyone is entertained.

5. Plan a Movie Night 

We love movie nights in our house because its the only time our oldest will pause and snuggle. Pick out a kid friendly movie and cozy up on the couch for some extra QT with Dad.
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