Denim Inspiration

Who knew there was a day dedicated to the glorious fabric of denim?? I am obsessed with denim and embroidered denim even more so (duh). So on this day, we must highlight our Upcycle Collection.

When my husband was getting rid of some old Wrangler denim shirts, I thought it would be fun to sass them up instead of throwing out perfectly good, authentically worn out shirts. And so the Upcycle Collection was born.

The definition of Upcycle is to reuse objects or materials in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original. I buy used denim shirts and jackets and then stitch them with fun, splashy embroidered designs. Every item is unique and meant to exude JOY! 

To further celebrate the Day of Denim, below is some embroidery inspiration.

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